Season History

Find results from past seasons of the South Dakota High School Bowling Association. From Conference and State Champions, to team records and high scores, it’s all here in our season archives.

SeasonGirls Conference ChampionBoys Conference ChampionGirls State ChampionBoys State ChampionResults
2021-2022SF WashingtonYanktonBrookingsBrookingsSee More
2020-2021SF WashingtonSF WashingtonSF LincolnYanktonSee More
2019-2020(T) SF Lincoln, SF Washington, Yankton(T) SF Washington, YanktonSF WashingtonSF WashingtonSee More
2018-2019SF Lincoln(T) Brookings, SF WashingtonSF RooseveltYanktonSee More
2017-2018SF Roosevelt(T) SF Roosevelt, SF WashingtonSF LincolnSF RooseveltSee More
2016-2017SF Roosevelt(T) Canton, SF RooseveltSF RooseveltSF WashingtonSee More
2015-2016SF RooseveltSF RooseveltSF RooseveltSF LincolnSee More
2014-2015SF O’GormanBrookingsSF WashingtonSF RooseveltSee More
2013-2014SF WashingtonSF O’GormanSF WashingtonSF O’GormanSee More
2012-2013SF WashingtonSF RooseveltSF WashingtonSF O’GormanSee More
2011-2012Brandon ValleySF RooseveltBrandon ValleySF WashingtonSee More
2010-2011(T) SF Washington, VermillionSF O’GormanSF WashingtonSF LincolnSee More
2009-2010SF WashingtonSF WashingtonSF WashingtonBrandon ValleySee More
2008-2009SF WashingtonSF WashingtonSF WashingtonSF RooseveltSee More
2007-2008SF WashingtonSF WashingtonSF O’GormanSF RooseveltSee More
2006-2007SF Washington(T) SF Roosevelt, SF WashingtonSF O’GormanSF RooseveltSee More
2005-2006SF WashingtonSF RooseveltSF WashingtonVermillionSee More
2004-2005BrookingsBrookingsSF WashingtonSF RooseveltSee More
2003-2004(T) Brookings, SF Washington(T) Brookings, SF O’Gorman, SF RooseveltBrandon ValleyBrookingsSee More
2002-2003SF WashingtonSF O’GormanSF WashingtonSF WashingtonSee More