SDHSBA Launches New Website

The South Dakota High School Bowling Association is excited to announce the launch of its new website.

Parents, coaches and players will now have easier access to information like schedules, current and past season records, scores and history, team information and contacts, information about youth bowling tournaments, news updates, and coach and parent resources.

SDHSBA President Tina Lippert says the new website will better facilitate the sharing of information with players and their parents, and coaches.

“We are excited to launch our youth bowling website,, for our SDHSBA family. Our goals include: communicating current information, providing common resources to promote youth bowling, and celebrating our bowlers current and past successes. We look forward to adding additional information to the site and entrust these resources inspire youth bowlers to being successful in high school and reach their potential in youth bowling.”

The SDHSBA also wishes a special thank you to former Sioux Falls Roosevelt bowler and graduate Ben Lippert (2006) who created the website.


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